Tuesday, November 3, 2009

blog 46: the ten minute commute.

As i was closing up the school tonight, i stepped out into the cold mist. The weather has been in the 40s and rainy everyday this week and will continue to be so until saturday. i was thinking how nice it would be to have my warm car parked outside the school so i could just hop into georgie and drive home. in prague however, as in most cities, having a car is not likely. with the city being packed as it is, and with a great public transportation system, having a car is not only unnecessary but frivilous. (try telling that to the soccer moms that pick up their kids in their BMW X5s and their Lexus RX10s- mom and dad take note, thats the next car i want...)

As my last student piled into his mom's SUV she offered me a ride home. I politely declined, reasoning that I lived quite far away and it would be unnecessary for her to go out of her way to take me home. As i walked to the tram stop I was thinking, it is a 35-40 minute commute for me to get home, but that's a tram ride, not a car ride. The tram stops every five feet to pick up new passengers and stalls for 1-3 minutes waiting for people to exit/enter. In reality, i really live only 5km away, 11 minutes by car!

I think it is so funny people are always yearning to live "in the city" wherever that may be. Whichever city they live closest to, or those that work in the city always seem to desire to live in the city rather than having that commute each morning/evening. Living an hour outside of the city (like so many of those Chicago, Atlanta, New York suburbs) seems like such a long way to travel and so many desire city living to avoid this. However, you could live in any of these cities and easily have an hour commute using public transportation. And those who live in the city desire having their own private transportation like so many who commute do. The grass is always greener on the other side, right?

Luckily, i love my 35 minute commute where i can unwind from my (oh so stressful...ha) day and watch as the city blurs past me. Although i wouldnt mind a lexus... :)

love love love from prague!

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