Sunday, April 18, 2010

blog 61: google me, baby.

-How do you change the salt in your dishwasher?

-How do you say "baking soda" in Czech?

-How many degrees Celsius is 350 degrees Fahrenheit?

These, plus many many more, are all questions I have asked tonight alone. I asked Carrie, she didn't know. Some of them I internationally called my mom to have her answer, (How long do you boil a chicken breast for?) but if i were doing that every five minutes things could get quite expensive. Also, I'm sure eventually the inevitable will happen, and I will call and she will simply give me the answer, "I don't know!" (But that won't happen anytime soon, between my mom and my dad they know everything.) But do you know who really does know everything? My trusty go-to, Google.

I honestly would be curious to keep count of how many times a day my fingers instinctively fly over the keys, "". I have found out that living in the real world is much harder than "fake world" (age 0-22, apparently). Shocking development, right? Well these things that have always been taken care of, suddenly are my responsibility. Things that I didn't even know existed (dishwashers have salt??) are mine to figure out.

But Google is always there for me with an answer to my question, pictures to provide examples, blogs, video blogs, and much more. He always gives me all he's got :) I honestly wonder how all the twenty somethings before us made it without Google? And not only for answering my "how to survive each day and not burn down my apartment" questions. But when I march into the bathroom while Carrie is brushing her teeth and ask her "How does soap work? Why does it make us clean?" we just turn to our friend Google and he tells us all about lye and saponification. And yes, that happens more often than you think.

Eleven years old and you just keep getting better, thank you Google.

love love love from a curious prague :)


  1. I just checked my history, last week I averaged 145 queries to google's servers a day.

    We salute you Google!

  2. so glad you're back to the blogosphere. especially with a tribute to google, my one true love.