Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blog 65: the twenty third year.

Today we celebrate you, roomie! Carrie Maye is officially twenty three today :) We had a wonderful weekend of celebrating with dinners, brunches, and parties with friends and (french) families.

As most of you know, we take birthdays very seriously in my family. They are celebrated from start to finish (and usually a few days before and after). They are the one day of the year thats all about you! Just to celebrate being alive, how wonderful. Carrie has a tradition where on her birthday she makes a "resolution" or sets a goal to accomplish. She chooses her birthday rather than New Years Eve because you're much more likely to follow through with it when it starts and ends on a day special to you personally and not the entire world. I think this is a great idea, because then when your next birthday comes around you can check your progress and see how its going! Go ahead and try this at home :)

Rain, rain, rain this week, all over the world! Stay dry!

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