Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blog 44: the insight of little ones

As I am spending a good nine hours each day with three to six year olds, I have learned much more from them than I thought possible. Their insight is quite refreshing. Last week, we had quite the nasty weather week in Prague. It was low thirties and couldn’t decide if it wanted to rain or snow, but whichever it was; it was very windy and gray. The wind was biting and I was not looking forward to going out in it. Last Tuesday I was last to leave the school, and I was just waiting on three kid’s parents to pick them up. As we were eating our snack of biscotti (little cookies like vanilla wafers, but without the delicious taste…i.e. cardboard) I looked out at the ominous gray clouds and told Tomas I was not looking forward to going outside. “Why? We love playing outside” he questioned. “Well, in the sunshine I do, but I hate the winter, so I don’t like going outside in the cold.” I reasoned (it had been a long day and clearly I was a little grumpy…) “But I love every day!” he exclaimed. Words so simple, but so deep. He went on to explain that he not only loves all seasons, but he loves every day within them. These words literally resonated deep within me. I love every day too, why shouldn’t we? There is something so great and beautiful about each and every day, we should really appreciate these days, no matter the temperature. I simply smiled back at him and said, “You know what Tomas? I love every day too.”

love love love from prague!

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