Sunday, October 4, 2009

blog 41: the kindness of strangers

The Czech republic is not known for its friendliness. Last time Ash and I were in Germany we had a field-day with how nice the people were to us. Such a lovely change from the Czechs. While individually I have met some lovely people, as a whole, their culture is not outgoing-ly friendly, especially to Americans.

However, I did meet a stranger who was more than willing to help me out at the pharmacy last week. I came down with quite a cold that resulted in me being sent home early from preschool. Haha I guess the parents don’t love it when the teacher is coughing and sniffling all over their children, weird. So on my way home from my half-day, I stopped at an organic pharmacy to get some medicine for this nasty cold. I stepped up to the counter (because all medicine here has to be prescribed by an over the counter pharmacist, even tylonal!) and asked, “anglitsky?” hoping that she spoke English. Of course, she did not, and promptly turned as if she was dismissing me. Luckily, the lady in front of me told me that she spoke English and would be happy to translate. Thank goodness, because I was prepared to act out my symptoms until I got the medicine I needed. This sweet lady translated all of my symptoms to the pharmacist, and I got the medicine I needed. I don’t think she will ever know how grateful I am to her!

So I got the medicine that I had struggled so much for home, and im 99% sure it was just vinegar in a bottle. I had to swallow fifty drops of it three times a day. Barf. And although it was the most disgusting thing I have EVER tasted, I kept taking the medicine and feel much better now. Apparently vinegar is a cure-all?

But with the cold on its way out we managed to salvage the weekend and get some quality roomie bonding time in. Ryan has been offered a job in Moscow and will be leaving us very early Wednesday morning! Were sad to see him go, but he will love Moscow, and we will have another place to visit!

love love love from Prague!

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