Monday, September 28, 2009

blog 40: good king wenceslaus...

thank goodness for St. Wenceslaus, because we had a three day weekend this weekend in his honor! Today is an official Czech holiday, where we celebrate St. Wenceslaus (Same as Good King Wenceslaus.) You are supposed to have a feast in his honor, but we went to Subway and celebrated five dollar foot long subs... is that the same? Anyways, I am more than thankful to Wenceslaus for the three day weekend he gifted us.

We wanted to celebrate this weekend by taking a trip somewhere (ireland, other places in the czech republic, and croatia were all discussed) but after some deliberation we just decided to stay in Prague and celebrate our very own city.

We ended up taking a day trip out to the edge of Prague where the "eiffel tower" is. You may have thought that the eiffel tower was in Paris, but apparently, you would be wrong. This is a big tower (that looks just like the eiffel tower) that overlooks all of Prague. We made the trek out there, and then the trek up the three hundred and twenty stairs to the top. When we got there though, it was absolutely gorgeous and well worth the hike.
(Prague from the top of the "eiffel tower")

You could see all of Prague, red roofs for miles. The river curves its way through the city and and hills overlook it all. We happened to head up there on one of the most beautiful days we have had in a while. It was a great day, with great friends and great sights to see. And now we only have a four day week, hooray!
(Prague from the top of the "eiffel tower")

Love love love from Prague!

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  1. More importantly on November 17th the Czech Republic celebrates MY BIRTHDAY! (...also the start of the Velvet Revolution; they'll try to tell you thats what all the hoopla is about but it's really my birffday.)