Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blog 37: oh, poor underrated Indiana.

The tram ride home is one of my favorite parts of my day. It is thirty-five minutes of solitude with just me and my iPod after a long day of putting up with twenty one three to five year olds. I can just sit and relax, listen to my music, and watch the beautiful architecture go by. One specific store always catches my eye on the ride home, however. It is a store solely dedicated to signing up people to take tours of America. This intrigued me, seeing as it is not just a tour of one city, yet rather they were advertising a tour of an entire country twice the size of all of Europe. Naturally, I decided to do some investigating. I jotted down the website and looked it up when I got home. Since it was all in Czech, I am still not sure how the system works, but from what I gathered you pick a “region” to tour, and they show you around. These must be some pretty long tours seeing as one of the tour goes to: New York – Washington – Charleston – Savannah – Atlanta – Nashville – Memphis – St.Louis – Chicago – Detroit – Cleveland – Niagarsk√© vodop√°dy – New York (again, all one tour). How long are these tours??

Anyways, for all the states that they do offer tours of (and no, they don’t go to all of them, sorry Delaware) they have a list of the cities they visit and hotels you can stay in. I was pleased to see that they do tour Indianapolis, Indiana (although I think it would be about a twenty minute tour…) but I was very unhappy to see that the ONLY hotel they offer for you to stay in in Indy is the La Quinta Inn. Ew. Needless to say, my family has some pretty entertaining stories about this sketchy hotel chain, but I really don’t want the La Quinta Inn to be people’s only impression of Indianapolis.

I can picture it now, “Oh, this tour was so great! I love seeing NYC, and Chicago was great, oh and remember that crappy La Quinta Inn they stuck us in in Indianapolis, IN? Let’s not go back there again…”

Im sure Indianapolis has much more to offer, and if it is going to be a Midwestern staple, we need to represent Indiana well. Im going to work on having them change it, you know, recommend a better place to stay. Mom and dad, you guys like having house guests right?!

Love love love from Prague!

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