Monday, March 8, 2010

blog 59: oh for the love of strawberry oatmeal.

As most of you know, my favorite food in the entire world is the strawberry. just simply, strawberries. no sugar, no whipped cream, not in anything or chalked full of anything, just plain and simple strawberries. (preferably grown in our garden, just outside our house back home.) and this has been the case, ever since i have even existed.

Around the age of three (guesstimate) my mother discovered something wonderful. quaker strawberry instant oatmeal. and this, for years and years, is what i would eat. everyday. for breakfast? sure! lunch? sure! midafternoon snack? sure! and even when i didnt like what was served for dinner, strawberry oatmeal was a fine substitute. as my grandparents well know from when christopher and i would weekend with them, in the morning set me up at the counter with some strawberry oatmeal, a bowl, and a spoon and im good to go for the rest of the day.

So im sure you can imagine my dismay when i found out that the czech republic has never even heard of strawberry oatmeal, let alone quaker instant. (imitation brands are simply not the same.) So as i have searched high and low, i just cannot seem to find it anywhere on this silly continent. bummer. big time.

However, i was in tesco (our british grocery store) the other day and i was purchasing a new slew of tea (often times my substitution of a snack) and i found a wildberry multivitamin tea. sounds yummy AND healthy, right? so i get home, open the box and set the kettle up. my first sip and i almost dropped my cup. this tea was strawberry oatmeal in liquid form. tastes EXACTLY like quaker. so wonderful. so although its not quite the same as the 10% oats, 5% strawberry, 85% sugar mixture that quaker has perfected, it will do until i move home to a country that has the sense to stock their shelves with strawberry oatmeal.

until then? i suppose it's tea time.

love love love from prague :)

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