Tuesday, June 1, 2010

blog 69: who am i this time?

One of my grandparents' favorite shows on BBC is "Who Am I This Time?". I've watched the shows a few times with them, okay, okay and a few times on my own, and constantly found myself relating to that title. Who am I this time?

I started studying languages when I was eleven, in seventh grade. Technically, if you count my half year of studying french in third grade, seven. Anyhow, I have been studying languages with somewhat regularity for the past twelve years. Now, jumbled around in my head are, a lot of English, a good amount of Spanish, a decent amount of Czech, a little bit of French, and an even smaller amount of Italian. (Poor Italian being the shortest affair with these languages of love.) And after all this? All I can say is thank goodness I can still speak English. I can barely put together a phrase in any one of these without something of the others coming out. "What time are we going tonight?" "Nevím." "Oh, shoot we're supposed to leave by siete." "Quelle heure est-il?" "Already?" "Oh mio dio, we've gotta get running." That, is just a peek into what goes on in my head, and most of the time what my befuddled friends and roommates hear. Let's just say, it's a good thing i can still speak English.

In the end, I think i've decided I need to marry a man who can understand all these languages, (and maybe more, because knowing me, Ill end up picking up some more along the way...) so at least he will be able to understand what's going on in my head :)

láska, amour, amore from prague!

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