Wednesday, June 2, 2010

blog 70: don't rain on my... baguette.

Once a week, usually wednesday, i make two stops on my way home from work. the obchod and the květinářství. As i leave with my grocery bag in one hand (a fresh baguette of french bread peeking out the top, fresh veggies, fruits, and chesses at the bottom) and my bouquet of flowers in the other (once a week i allow, and budget for, myself to buy a fresh bouquet of flowers, kate spade's words to live by...) i smile as i walk down the sunlit european streets.

Although today I did not smile, because my baguette was not basking in sunlight, but soaking up murky gray rain. By the time I got home, the first two inches of my bread were sopping wet. And i'm not one to complain, especially about nature, but it has been raining here for the past three weeks. and today? it was that's some serious rain.

so as vitamin D deprived as i am, im not even asking for sun for that reason, this is for the sake of my fresh bread. i just hate soggy bread. rain, rain go away.

love love love from a soaking wet prague.

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