Tuesday, January 12, 2010

blog 51: oh my dangers

one of Carrie's friends introduced us to the concept of "dangers" when we first moved here. since then, we have continually pondered, counted, and listed all of our dangers. a "danger" is described as something that you have really impulsive feelings towards; do these things, eat these things, buy these things, etc. things you really like and can't stay away from... too much of these things = dangerrrr. (carrie's are these amazing ice cream bars called Magnums, chocolate, gold jewelry, H&M, and beer) (mine are nail polish, H&M, fresh pastries, and KFC- the usual). so with fresh pastries being one of my dangers and there being pastry shops ALL over prague, well lets just say DANGER. So i get a fresh pastry at least once a day, (sometimes twice a day when the kids were a handful...) and they have the most wonderful options. sweet ones with a hint of cream in the middle and raisins baked right in, and savory ones with poppy-seeds crusted on top. made fresh everyday, so delicious. but you never know what you are going to find inside of one though- ive found different kinds of jams, creams, fruit, and even meat (at the worst possible time, of course! the six days i lasted while trying to be a vegetarian... but that's a whole other blog in its self....) but i think you get the point, i love the pastries :)

so today in particular we had a most stressful day (with the most kids we've ever had... twenty four!) so you KNOW i was going to get a pastry on the way home. i stopped in and found a classic end of the day favorite, a twist of bread with cream in the middle, raisins baked in, and loads of powered sugar on top. bliss.

so i'm enjoying my pastry as i walk to the tram stop and i notice that people are being uncharacteristically nice! they are smiling and acknowledging me as i pass on the path! wow, this is great!

of course when i get to the tram stop i notice that i had a HUGE line of powdered sugar down the front of my all black coat. not a few spots of powered sugar, but it looked like someone poured a bag down my front. i realized that heaven forbid, the czech people were not being friendly, just laughing at me.

well at least things are back to normal, and my world is not quite flipped upside down anymore :)

love love love from prague

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