Tuesday, January 19, 2010

blog 54: don't get TRAMpled...

So i was on my tram this morning on the way to work, when suddenly it stopped. Not at a tram stop, not at a red light, just in the middle of the street. i didnt think anything of it at first, just kept reading my book. the tram conductor came out of his little box seat at the front of the tram and yelled something in czech down the aisle. perplexed, i watched as four big men (ages ranging from 30-60ish) got off the tram. being the curious person i am, i walked to the front of the tram and looked out the window, only to see these burley men lifting a car off the tram rails and moving it to the curb. apparently the car had parked in the way of the tram, and this was their way of dealing with it!

reasons why it is not smart to park on the tram tracks:
1. the cops came and gave this dude a HUGE fine.
2. if the tram didnt stop it would have PLOWED through your car (we recently found out that each tram weighs 136,000 pounds!!)
3. you made me late for work

so... the moral of this story? dont park your car on the tram tracks. and if you do? no bother, we'll just move it anyways. (although if you make me late for work again, i'll make sure they don't just move it to the curb, i'll have them move it somewhere you can't find it! ha!)

love love love from prague :)

("clever" title contributed by the lovely carrie)

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