Monday, January 18, 2010

blog 53: green is the new meat

six days. i lasted six days.

being a vegetarian is harddd. when i came back from my lovely little american vacation, my roommate adam decided to try vegetarianism. he wanted to take the challenge and see if he could spend the month of january not eating any meat at all. having had a lot of stomach problems since moving here, i thought it may be due to the sketchy czech meat, so i decided to take on the vegetarianism challenge as well. well, six days later, i decided vegetarianism just was not for me. it was not that i was dying for meat or anything (because i rarely eat czech meat anyways, if it was america i would not last a day without a cheeseburger...) but i was just more so bored with my lack of options. (and too lazy to cook, and KFC is on the way home...)

the chesky republiky is not known for having the best produce section, and even carrie (who has been a vegetarian for 12 years) uses mostly the same ingredients in her meals each night. so although i have not eaten meat that often since, i have definitely visited the Colonial a few times. and to be quite honest, i think the employees were happy to see me... they were getting worried :)

love love love from Prague!

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