Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blog 24: Where is everyone?

Seeing as Prague is the biggest city in the Czech Republic with a population well over a million people, you would expect the city streets to be crowed as you step out onto them. But you would be wrong. I guess I was surprised with the lack of foot traffic on the streets. At any given time during the day on any street in Prague it is not uncommon to be alone on the street with 6-10 other people.

I know that Prague isn’t a “big” city, nowhere near New York and their population of over eight million. However, it is a huge tourist attraction, and I know people come from all over the world to see Prague. I expected the streets to be a little more crowded when you stepped out onto them. The only time I have really experienced this is on a nice Saturday morning when everyone is downtown. No one goes out in the late afternoon/early evening, and it’s not uncommon to be alone on the streets. Very peculiar.

Buuuut the one place you can count on being crowded? The tiny metro cabin that should hold 20-30 people and there are about 100 in there. Especially during “rush hour”. Do not even try and get a seat at this time, its best just to cram in and not get in the way of the doors. While we are on the topic of cramming in the metro,

Dear Czech Republic,
I guess we are just taught differently in America, but maybe this is something your fourth grade teacher forgot to mention, so let me fill you in. Deodorant is NOT optional. It is something that you MUST wear every day. EACH AND EVERY DAY. The sweat glands under your armpits are bound to activate and produce sweat (and odor) and that’s fine. It happens to everyone. However, by wearing deodorant, you can combat the sweat and you will not have body odor. Therefore, everyone especially those in tight quarters with me, you should wear deodorant. All the time. I know it is difficult to find in the store (it really is, what’s up with this culture?) but it IS there, I have found it, and I will even buy it for you if you promise to wear it every day.
Please take this into consideration; I can’t stand the BO for much longer.

Love love love from Prague!

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  1. haha. first off, love this sketchy pic! AND i DID notice that this is your only post that doesn't end 'love love love from prague'. Fitting that there is no love for the BO!