Friday, August 28, 2009

Blog 30: here come the dinosaurs...

I’m back! Sorry for the lapse, but life has been hectic lately (keep reading to find out whyyy...!) but I promise im back to blogging regularly now!

So, first things first… guess who got a job?! (um, yes, it’s me, you should know that by now) yaaaayyy! I will be working at Dino Preschool with a class of three year olds :) I will teach an hour English lesson in the morning and an hour English lesson in the afternoon. The rest of the time we just play, oh how perfect for me. Most of the kids already know English or are from English families. They go on loads of day trips around the city, horseback riding, etc. and twice a year we go on a skiing trip! Thank goodness for those Czech mountains! Im really looking forward to these trips, and I really like all the people I have met thus far that I will be working with. School starts on September first, so you better believe ill keep you updated!

Love love love from Prague!

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