Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blog 31: THE Sparkle Flat

Ladies and gentlemen, may i please present to you: The Sparkle Flat.

Welcome home!

View from the hang out room/living room out to the foyer and onto the balcony.


The other side of our bathroom, this white thing is what we were given as a dryer for our clothes. It only heats up in the winter. the rest of the time it is just a stationary metal weird rack thing in our bathroom. whaaaat?

love the view from the balcony :)

bedroom! (guess which bed is mine....)

my bed!

our entire room dedicated to clothing: the dressing room.

our hanging out/living room

the kitchen!

view from the foyer onto the balcony/ the toilet (its in a separate room from the bathroom, weird right?)

breakfast nook :)

view from the balcony to the bedroom/ hangout room

and that's our lovely little flat! sorry the pictures are in kind of an odd order, they didnt upload properly!

love love love from Prague (specifically the Sparkle Flat)!!

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