Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog 20: The Sparkle Flat

Okay, so where to start? It has been such a busy week I have been a neglectful blogger! But now were all settled in the new apt and I promise you will get tired of me ill be blogging so much :)

So, we GRADUATED, add another certificate to my CV. The champagne celebration was great, and alcohol induced, I learned more about my teachers than I ever wanted to know. We followed the celebration with a great night out on the town, where yes, the teacher came too. HILARIOUS. Enough said.

The move from the old apartment to the new one went pretty seamlessly. The one minor hitch (there always is one with ash and me) was that when we tried to call a taxicab (actually taxicabS because we had so many suitcases we couldn’t FIT in one cab…) EVEN THOUGH I called the English line, she still didn’t understand me. The taxis went to Praha 5 (far away) when I specifically told them my exact address. Awesome. So then the operator called me back yelling about how I wasn’t there and the cabs were waiting yiiikes! So, I had the Russian call her back and smooth everything out. The Russians are tough as nails right? Yes. So Elena handled it (thank goodness) and they came to the correct location to pick us up. They even helped us move our bags (clearly we were struggling).

But it was all worth it! Our new apartment is closer to downtown and is in a super safe location. It is a very bright flat with big rooms and a lot of natural light pouring in from the windows. A balcony that overlooks the courtyard which is filled with big trees and beautiful old buildings. (Above pic is the view off our balc) Oh, so happy. Pictures will come soon after we unpack/clean the place and get it all decorated!

As most of you know, the house ash and I lived in last summer in VA was lovingly named the Sparkle Shack. No, we didn’t name it, but clearly we were meant to live there. So we have lovingly named the second edition, the Sparkle Flat… which sometimes turns into the Sparkle FRAT at night… no questions need be asked. But needless to say, we love it.

ALSO, I met the cutest old man/cutest dog today in the stairwell and a very friendly family with two darling little kids. You know what that means? NICE NEIGHBORS! Hooorayyyy :)

love love love from Prague!!

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