Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog 19: everything you ever wanted to know...and more.

so, i caved.

i finally created a twitter. i was against it for so long, because i didnt fully understand the concept...

"so you just write down what you are doing?" yes.
"and anyone can know exactly what you are doing at any moment in time?" yes.
"and people just sit at their computers and read what you are doing?" yes.
"and there's no other purpose, other than to tell people what you are doing?" right.

(you can see why i was skeptical of it's purpose...)

so although im not fully convinced that it's necessary, its a great way to keep up (in great detail) with people and things (i.e. how else would i have known that the cone palace's sherbet flavor of the week was grape?).

so im grudgingly getting on board. follow my every move at :)

love love love from Prague!

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