Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blog 12: Dear Diary, America’s great.

With that said about how much I love European environmental policies… the following is an ACTUAL conversation that occurred between Ash and me over dinner tonight. (Note: the Russian was not in attendance).

“You know what?”


“America’s the best country in the world.”


“But seriously, America is so much better than the rest of the world.”


We then proceeded to come up with a list of why America is the best country in the world:

1. We have the most opportunities (living, traveling, working, etc)

2. Best food (Prague, youre welcome for KFC)

3. Government is not corrupt (ie were not Russia, communism went out with whitewashed jeans)

4. Dippin Dots

5. Healthcare

6. You wont starve in America (again, something witty about KFC, and more realistically something about homeless shelters and welfare)

7. We speak the best language in the world (that everyone else wants to speak)

8. Celebrity/ movie culture (ash’s addition)

9. Lack of Eurotrash


11. Men’s wardrobes are not comprised of hundreds of pairs of MANJAPRIS (Jean capris that men wear)

12. Best locale on the planet (geographically speaking)


and as much as we love prague, we will always love the homeland more :) missing america and all of you in it!

love love love from Prague!!

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