Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blog 17: It must run in the family...

Just a quick note (since I have a ten page paper due tomorrow, and have yet to start it…) to show you how great my grandparents are. After telling me that I am a great writer (ha!) this is an email that I get. After talking about how my life could be a movie (or more realistically a sitcom) my grandfather wrote me:

“It’s like a movie…Oh sure, walking down the street with ice cream cones in a foreign city may seem like a movie shot but it's really life. However when you finally find Praha 5 Post Office and the door is locked, the fellow that found you crying would have been so moved that he would act. A phone call and an official from the office would appear and would be a young George Clooney. George would be overcome with the beauty and grace of the young American from Zionsville Indiana and would not only retrieve her package but would start a series of romantic dinners, picnics in the park, sailing on the river and state dinners attended by men in uniform with medals. We were going to have George take you home in a stretch limo but that would have eliminated the escalator kick which is the comic part of our production. Instead, we have the young taxi driver, a Johnny Depp type, who slides across three line of traffic to rescue you. Turns out that Johnny is really a single guy that uses a sonogram of some Czech mother to increase his tips. Johnny becomes the other love interest as he and George fight for your hand. Kinda moves you, doesn't it---would Steven S be willing to direct?”

It’s absolutely fantastic! Well now you know where it comes from Poppy, the good writing gene must run in the family :)

Love love love from (under a huge stack of papers and books) Prague!!

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