Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blog 5: Oh for the love of fried chicken

So we all know I am quite the picky eater. I like bland, organic, simple foods. Ethnic foods (in general) have none of those redeeming qualities. Therefore, I hate Prague food. THANKFULLY we have mapped out all of the McDonalds, Bohemian Bagels, and KFCs in Prague (and yes, there are a good amount!!). I never thought I would say this, but I am so thankful for KFC. It may be at the bottom of the barrel of American cuisine, but they make a mean grilled chicken wrap with mashed potatoes. A ray of light in a culinary dark hole of fried pork, beer battered god knows what, and animal parts stuffed in casing. Seriously, vendors on the streets selling hunks of meat on a stick, on a plate, or they would probably just put it in your hand if you asked them to. The smell is enough to make me barf. Now, im sure my family is dying right now hearing me complain about carts that sell only meat knowing my love of ground beef, but that is way different. If there were carts that sold American ground beef I would be all over it. This city doesn’t even know what ground beef is, it’s a shame really. So thank GOODNESS for McDonalds and KFC. We found this really nice McDonalds on the square in Mustek that is actually quite nice. The doorways are actually made of nice metal (not like the yellow and red plastic ones in the states) and there is a lovely patio out front with about twenty tables. Our new favorite hobby is people watching at McDonalds (that sentence sounded so white trash I know, but it’s so very entertaining hahahaha). But there are some things I really like about the food here. There are always fresh mini baguettes of bread available, Coke Light tastes almost the same as diet coke, and there are gelato and espresso places everywhere. Yumm  As of right now our fridge still stands empty (last summer repeat, sorry mom and dad) but who knows… maybe the cuisine here will force me to learn to cook!!
Love love love from Prague!


  1. "Our new favorite hobby is people watching at McDonalds"

    My shame knows no bounds.

  2. Hi sweetheart, can't wait to read the ongoing adventure tales. Love da

  3. Sweetheart, of course, your friends are our friends! Love Da