Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blog 13: The words of others

I have many (many many) words to sum up how hectic this teaching course is, but I think I will leave it to my classmates. Here is a list of compiled quotes that have recently been expressed about our course:

Devon: “doesn't know how he can be expected to go to class 8 hours a day, plan lessons, do private tutoring, plan presentations, find a job, find an apartment, and still find time to drink heavily…”

Eliza: “grammar is brutal”

Lowell: “My plate is full. I'm thinking about getting another plate. Hmm...Only a month of studies.”

Carrie: “is way overwhelmed. Being a teacher is HARD!!!! Or maybe it's just TEFL Prague”

Eliza: “TEFL is running my life.”

Lowell: “sorry facebook peeps. I'm super cramped with assignments. So if I'm seeming distant its because I'm cheating on you all with my torrential affair with writing teaching lessons. Sorry facebook youre just not meeting all of my needs. But wait until next month. I should be on here annoying you with pictures of Prague. Until then TOODLES!

Carrie: “has a new appreciation for all the teachers she's ever had”

Eliza: “Intensity.”

So these are just a few words to express how intense this course is, but we had a cheers last night to being exactly half way through our course! Only two more weeks and ill officially be a teacher!!

love love love from Prague!

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