Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blog 1: Overwhelming Peace

As I am sitting here in the Dulles airport, I am realizing I am the farthest east I have ever been. I have spent a lot of time on the east coast of the United States, but have never ventured east beyond US territory. Yet here I sit waiting for a flight to Germany, connecting me to Prague, my new home. Moving to a new city, a new country, a new continent: all I can say is its going to be quite the experience. Packing was an ordeal, yet I started early enough (for once) that it was not stressful. I managed to fit one hundred (plus) pounds of clothes into two large suitcases and two small carryon bags. However, that was the easiest part of packing. The physical baggage? Piece of cake. The emotional baggage? Nothing like cake. How do you even begin to pack up twenty two years of family, friendships, and memories into three small suitcases to move them halfway around the world? Everything that I have held so near and dear to me, everything that has felt so comfortable and normal for my whole life will soon be gone. Of course the friendships and the bonds will remain, but it will not be as easy as running down the hallway to borrow a dress from the closet room, or bbm-ing a friend and having an entire conversation in less than a minute. I have been so blessed these past few years to be able to live in the same house and my best friends and family. No one was ever more than a shout down the hallway away. But now, now we are separated by miles and miles of ocean and land. Keeping in touch requires “skype dates” and international calling cards. Of course the bonds will remain and I am sure to stay as close to everyone as before, but here I am sitting realizing from this moment on, my life will never be the same. New faces, new architecture, new languages, new cultures. It will be an amazing adventure and I absolutely can’t wait to embark upon my new life, but there will not be one minute of one day when I am not thinking of my family and friends. Thank you all so much for supporting my decision, I know this will be a grand adventure but it would not have been possible without all the support from you guys. Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts, none of this would be possible without you all! I love you!! Prague: get ready, because here I come!!

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