Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog 15: Pure Postal Happiness

GUESS WHO GOT THEIR PACKAGE TODAY! Yaaaaay :) we got out of class early today and I BOOKED it to prague 5 (no running this time, just swift walking…) and ventured up to the third floor of the posta. First of all, there are just a bunch of little rooms, no big open one. So luckily, even though I wondered into the wrong room, the lady was kind enough to walk me to the three proceeding correct rooms. Red shirt lady (who kindly helped me when I was wondering around the third floor so lost) walked me into a bigger room (through the stairwell and two closed doors, how could I have missed that?) where a lady jabbered at me in Czech. Luckily red shirt lady stayed with me, and although she didn’t speak English she just kinda did everything for me. Thank you! She motions for me to go back into another room to the right. I do and this angryyyy lady motions me to her desk.

You know how in most places the windows where the attendants help you are numbered, you know, 1, 2, 3, etc? Their desks are numbered, however, they were as follows (clockwise): 5, F, 6, 3, 1. Well that’s logical. The lady at 5 motioned me over and jabbered (even faster) in Czech. I told her I didn’t speak Czech. She nods and then continues to speak Czech. Okay, I JUST told you I don’t speak Czech and then you waited 10 seconds and tried again. I have been standing here the whole time and you didn’t see me go out and learn Czech in those 10 seconds, so I think it’s safe to assume I STILL DON’T KNOW CZECH and muttering at me in Czech is not going to help. She gave me the dirtiest look I think I have ever seen, and started stamping my papers. She throws her arm towards the door, leaves my papers on the desk, and walks away. Thank you?

So I head towards the door and go find my shining light of a postal worker, red shirt lady. She directs me to the proper room (because for some reason I didn’t get it by just motioning to the door to leave, silly me). None of the women in this room speak English either. Awesome. I know I was joking yesterday about how everyone in this foreign country should speak my native language, but I don’t think it’s that unreasonable to ask that the people in the INTERNATIONAL division know multiple languages. I would have spoken to them in English, Spanish, or even my extremely broken French or Italian would have been better than Czech. So I finally get my package (three more windows later) and it (and all of its thirty pounds…) was glorious.

I was so happy to have my package that I didn’t even mind carrying it (reminder: it’s still thirty pounds) for the two blocks. Then we had a great adventure making our way through the tram and metro systems. Don’t worry, no one offered to help. Haha. BUT I did master the art of getting this box half as big as me on the escalators (of which there are many to cross in the metro station). I would walk up to the escalator which moves very quickly so I have to hold onto the railing when getting on and off, and (picture twenty people in front of me and twenty people behind me because it was rush hour…) and with all my might would toss the box onto the moving stairs before me, then jump on and run up to the stair before it and when we got to the top I would hop off first and then grab it when it came flying off. Let me tell you the people on the escalator next to us were looking on with full fledged interest and were laughing at this spectacle. BUT we made it home and after a cold shower (wash off the sweat, ew) and a nap with my COMFORTER FROM HOME (!!!) it was a very successful and happy afternoon. Praha 5 Post Office, consider yourself conquered, ha!

Side note: I sat next to a kid that looked EXACTLY like Froggy from The Little Rascals on the metro today. BEST.DAY.EVER. aahahahahaha

Love love love from Prague!

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