Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blog 8: Jakub’s intuition

After a great full day of teaching, our entire class decided to go out for a nice long “authentic” (for Prague anyways) Mexican meal! It was a great time filled with good food and good friends celebrating our first official week of teaching completed! My lesson was about what it means to gossip, and yes it was random, that was not assigned to me because as my aforementioned friend Devon said, “No, allie would NEVER gossip!” (There Devon, you made the blog again, happy?) :) But one of my co-teachers, Michael, had to teach the vocabulary for the lesson. He spent a bit of time explaining the word intuition and what it means to be intuitive. He gave the example of a mother being intuitive, and knowing when there is something awry with her child. I thought this was ironic that he taught this word, considering the events that followed that night.
After an interesting dinner (thirty people from all over the world, exhausted from a full week of work, add in some alcohol, and you’ve got yourself an interesting dinner…) most of us decided to head up the street to another bar. However, not knowing where the bar was, it turned into a mess of people wandering around the streets of Prague trying to meet up with the rest of our group. After about twenty minutes of wandering (in the RAIN) we had reached our limit and right as I said I was ready to leave, we turned the corner and saw our knight with shinning yellow cab waiting for us. Jakub must have sensed that we were ready to leave and knew to wait for us right around the corner. Not only does he have an incredible sense of intuition, he became our new best friend. As Ash, Eliza, Krysten, Jorge, Domhnall , and myself piled into the cab (and the one behind it) and we found our new best friend. Ash, Domhnall and I had the pleasure of riding with Jakub. He is the sweetest man and told us all about his wife Monica, and how she is about to have their first son in two weeks. The gleam in his eye was precious, and he got so excited to tell us about how he was about to be a dad. He drove us up to the front door of the villas (where Eliza, Krysten, Jorge, and Domhnall live) which is rare, and there he earned my heart. Most cab drivers won’t take you to the front door here; they drop you at the bottom of the driveway, which in this case is miserable. The villas sit on top of this excruciatingly painful hill. It is LEGIT straight up, and after climbing it we are all sweaty and out of breath, how attractive. When Jakub said he would drive us to the front door I knew we had found our best friend! When we got there he opened our doors and gave us his card saying “SMS me when you want go home! Send address, I come get you!”

So we hung out for a couple hours chilling and chatting in the villas, a great way to end the night. This is also when we decided that we should seriously have our own show, because if you were to follow around the characters in our class for just a week you would have enough for an entire sitcom. But when Ash and I were ready to head home Jakub was there to pick us up. And of course I was hungry on the way home because it was like three a.m. so Jakub just heard us saying that we (I) were (was) hungry and just took us to this little bistro without even asking, talk about intuition! He didn’t even charge us for going out of the way to the bistro, so I bought him a little ham and cheese croissant for a snack to thank him. As we pulled up to our apartment Jakub unlocked his glove compartment and pulled out a little black folder. I thought maybe he was getting change for our bill, but then with a huge smile on his face he handed us a sonogram picture and exclaimed “my son! That’s my son!” My heart just melted. We will be sure to SMS Jakub again soon, and Im glad we met him. He has such a big heart and will make a great father; after all, his intuition is impeccable!

Love love love from Prague!

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